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Water damage can be sudden, especially in climates like ours in Austin, TX where tropical storms may bring major flooding and structural damage. But even a small leak can have a devastating effect on your property in a very short period.

When water damage occurs, some water can be contaminated. That is why you need the help of a water damage expert like Austin Fire & Flood. Our technicians will be on site immediately to provide a thorough evaluation, estimate and water damage restoration recovery plan.

Austin Fire & Flood has the equipment, training and expertise to stop water damage in its tracks from events like:

Plumbing leaks • Appliance malfunctions • HVAC leaks • Sewage backups • Flooding  • Rain intrusion 

Water Damage Inspection & Assessment

When you call, we will ask a few questions to help determine the resources needed to handle your water damage emergency. Austin Fire and Flood arrives on-site typically within an hour and performs a detailed assessment of the water damage. Technicians will determine the extent of flooding or water damage present, form a plan, and execute the water mitigation process quickly and efficiently. Our trained professionals will communicate clearly with you and immediately get started on water removal.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Austin TX
water damage removal

Water Removal

After initial inspection and with your consent, our technicians will start placing water extraction equipment to remove the bulk of excess or standing water. How long this process takes is determined by how much water is present.

Water Damage Mitigation

While removing standing water, technicians will document and remove furnishings and personal items affected by water damage. Salvageable items will be taken away for cleaning and restoration while unsalvageable items will be discarded. Depending on the extent of water damage present and the class of water involved, we may need to remove drywall, insulation, or other construction materials damaged by water intrusion. This helps prevent microbial growth and will allow structural elements to be dried appropriately.

water damage mitigation
Drying Squirrel Fan

Structural Drying and Dehumidification

After water removal, our experienced technicians begin the important drying process. Austin Fire & Flood has a variety of industry-leading methods and equipment – open systems, closed systems, refrigerant dehumidifiers, and desiccant dehumidifiers – to maximize air movement. In addition to maximizing airflow, strategically placing drying equipment will allow structural components, hard-to-reach, and hidden pockets of water damage to dry effectively and quickly. While drying is in process, the equipment and moisture levels in the affected area will be monitored and adjusted as needed until dry out is complete. This can take anywhere from 12 hours to a few weeks depending on the extent of damage present. The average drying time is about 3-5 days.

Deodorizing and Microbial Prevention

Water damage from flooding, sewage backups, or other sources can contain bacteria, organic compounds, and other chemicals. These are often the source causing odor to your property after water damage occurs. The certified water damage restoration experts at Austin Fire & Flood use the latest technologies and equipment available to eliminate the odors associated with your water damage. When needed, Austin Fire & Flood will apply an antimicrobial treatment to assist with preventing mold growth.

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Damage Restoration and Reconstruction

Once drying is complete and the area is clean and sanitized, Austin Fire and Flood will work with you to restore the home or business after the flooding or water damage event. The reconstruction or rebuild phase can involve minor repairs or major remodeling involving entire areas of the property. If only minor repairs such as drywall repair and painting are needed, salvageable contents will be returned to the property. If major remodeling and structural repairs are needed contents will be returned after the repairs are complete.

Before Water mitigation

after water mitigation