The Water Damage Restoration Experts Near You in Austin, TX

Water damage can be sudden, especially in climates like ours in Austin, TX where tropical storms may bring major flooding and structural damage. But even a small leak can have a devastating effect on your property in a very short period.

When water damage occurs, some water can be contaminated. That is why you need the help of a water damage expert like Austin Fire & Flood. Our technicians will be on site immediately to provide a thorough evaluation, estimate and water damage restoration recovery plan.

Austin Fire & Flood has the equipment, training and expertise to stop water damage in its tracks from events like:

Plumbing leaks • Appliance malfunctions • HVAC leaks • Sewage backups • Flooding  • Rain intrusion 

Drying Squirrel Fan

Structural Drying

After the water removal process is complete, our experienced technicians begin the important drying process. Austin Fire & Flood has a variety of industry-leading methods and equipment – open systems, closed systems, refrigerant dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers – to maximize air movement and accelerate the drying process.


Water damage can contain bacteria, organic compounds and other chemicals which often are the source of causing odor to your property after water damage occurs. The certified water damage restoration experts at Austin Fire & Flood use the latest technologies and equipment available to eliminate the odors associated with your water damage.

Man Working on a Clean Up Project

Before Water mitigation

after water mitigation

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