Rebuild / Remodeling in Austin, TX

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When your home or business suffers water damage or fire damage in Austin, there’s no time to wait. We have 24-hour disaster victim assistance as well as emergency restoration and clean-up services to make sure no time is wasted. We strive to minimize property loss by securing your damaged building after a fire, flood, or storm. We offer rebuilding and remodeling options to make sure we restore your property back to how it was before.

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one stop Restoration

Here at Austin Fire and Flood, we are a full-service restoration company which means we perform rebuilds following damage to your home, not just the mitigation. Once everything is clean and dry, we can begin the remodeling project our professional designers discussed with you. If you have to live on the site while we remodel, we will put up dust barriers between our work zone and your living areas as well as close off all vents in the area being remodeled to avoid dust and paint fumes circulating through your home while we work.

upgrade with a remodel

With remodeling, it gives you the opportunity to possibly upgrade your home the way you want it to be. Everything that has been severely water damaged will have to go in this renovation anyway, so make your moves now. But remember to set a budget as you may have to be a bit flexible with it as things proceed as more damage might be discovered. Austin Fire & Flood will make sure you don’t have secondary damage concerns due to improper dry out or residual smoke off-gassing. Proper documentation is key, as well as hiring an advocate for you to make sure your structure is put back to pre-loss conditions (and oftentimes better than before).

Drying Squirrel Fan

Austin Fire & Flood has the equipment, training and expertise to stop water damage in its tracks from events like:

Plumbing leaks • Appliance malfunctions • HVAC leaks • Sewage backups • Flooding  • Rain intrusion