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Fire spreads quickly, and unfortunately, so does fire damage.

Not just from the flames, but also from smoke. If you experience a fire in your home or business, there are steps that must be taken immediately to salvage as much of your property as possible. That is why it is important to call Austin Fire & Flood right away, your local expert in fire and smoke damage restoration in Austin, TX.

Austin Fire & Flood 

House Destroyed By Fire
  •  We provide 24-hour disaster victim assistance and emergency restoration & clean up services
  • All team members are skilled and trained professionals through our certified “Best in the Business University” program
  • We employ passionate people who have high integrity and live by the mantra of “doing the right thing — always”
  • Our professional recovery team will help you throughout the claims process
  • We minimize property loss by securing your damaged building
  • Our crews are standing by to help you quickly
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured
  • Live operator standing by to assist you

Fires cause destruction, but smoke and soot are also factors to contend with for home and business owners. The emotional and financial struggle that this disaster causes can be limited by prompt fire damage restoration.

What professionals do

An exemplary fire damage restoration business responds to the emergency aggressively, assesses the damage, and begins mitigation services. The fire department extinguishes the flames and ensures the safety of building occupants. After that, the restoration process can rehabilitate the premises from the damage sustained. The fire restoration companies also work closely with insurance companies to assist with the claims process.

Fire Damage Restoration Services Process


On approval by a licensing authority, the fire damage restoration company will enter and assess the extent of the damage and water intrusion to determine what can be salvaged and plan how extensive the clean-up needs. The contents inside the damaged building are also assessed to identify items that should be discarded, and what can be restored.

Property Security

Securing the property is done by installing fencing on-site, removing debris around the perimeter, and boarding up spaces in the structure. The roof protects the structure from harsh weather elements. Areas that were not affected by the fire should be sealed off to minimize cross-contamination.

Water Damage Mitigation

During this phase, water extraction crews work on drying the structure and ridding it of water that was initially used to put the fire out.

Clean up

The fire restoration company starts total cleaning as soon as possible to prevent further damage caused by fire, smoke, or water damage that can rapidly increase.

Cleaning up and deodorizing are done to get rid of any lingering smoke odors fully. Off-site, the contents removed from the building also undergo the same process to restore them to the pre-fire condition.

Why Choose Austin Fire and Flood for Fire Damage Restoration

You need to hire the best fire and smoke damage restoration company in Austin, TX. Expertise.com ranked Austin Fire & Flood among the best local experts in fire damage restoration in Austin based on different variables. Well-known resources have reviewed our work and rated our reputation as A and professionalism at A+ through ultimate responsiveness, friendliness, helpfulness, and attention to detail.

Austin Fire and Flood provides 24-hour disaster victim assistance and emergency restoration and clean-up services by a team of trained professionals passionate about their work. The speedy disaster response minimizes property damage or loss. We also secure the structures and belongings of property owners through board-up services.

Certified technicians at Austin Fire & Flood are the first choice for fire officials and local claims adjusters after the fires, floods, or other calamities. If your home or business requires smoke and fire damage restoration services in Austin, TX, reach out to the experts today at 512-912-6814 to help you clear out the mess caused by fire, smoke, or water and get you back on track.

You can also reach us through our website to receive in-depth details on our recovery process.

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Our IICRC certified team takes care of the inspection and/or removal to ensure that dangerous chemicals, or any after-effects, don’t cause even more damage to your property and belongings. Fire damage also brings water damage with it, but don’t worry, we help with water damage too!

Victim Services

24/7 commitment to victims of disaster, putting people before profit. We answer the question, “What’s next?”

Fire Damage

Knowing what to do after a fire is our specialty. We know how to assess damage and we are with you in every step of the process.

Water Damage

The dangers of water go far beyond what our eyes can see. Trust the professionals to mitigate the situation.

Storm Damage

Since 2003, 1-800-BOARDUP has helped property owners with a wide variety of cleanup.

Secure your home & property

There is an important step between the fire being out and beginning the restoration process: structurally securing your property

Other Services

Our professionals are the first choice for local claims adjusters and fire officials after fire, flood or other calamities.





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