If you’ve sustained a fire in your home, you’ve most likely suffered serious damage. There are a lot of things that can be badly damaged in a fire by the water used to put it out, the smoke from the fire, and the flames. Some items that were not affected by the fire itself are most likely ruined from the smoke or have become soggy from the water. If there are any items salvageable, they will need to be carefully cleaned. Fire restoration services can help you determine what can be saved, and what needs to be disposed of.

Suffering a fire to your home or business is devastating for anyone. If you lose a home, it is not only the structure you’ve lost, you’ve lost precious heirlooms and other items that were important to you. Fires destroy memories and leave you with endless claims to file with your insurance company. Austin Fire and Flood is your fire restoration expert and understands how difficult these times are and will help you not only determine what precious items can be saved but help you throughout the insurance claim process.

The most obvious damage you’ll see will come from the water, flames, and smoke, but there are less obvious damages done by a fire that could endanger you and your family.

Water Pipes and Sewer

Many think that because of the construction of water pipes and sewers, these materials are not vulnerable to fire damage. The truth is, however, because modern plumbing is not constructed from iron, they are susceptible to heat. If sewer pipes become damaged, they can send noxious and toxic gasses into the air and emanate into your house. These gasses will cause headaches, vomiting, breathing issues, and nausea, and could potentially be lethal.

The use of a fire restoration service will make sure your family is safe. These services not only help with the clean-up after a fire, but the service includes making sure your home is safe to enter by looking for damages that are not visibly noticeable.


The water used to extinguish your fire will have seeped into your ceiling, floors, walls, and carpeting. It may not be enough to simply replace these areas as they will have been directly affected by the water and need to be completely dried out or replaced. Without proper attention, these areas will experience the growth of mold.

Mold will grow in areas where water soaked in and stayed, such as your drywall or insulation. Mold typically grows underneath these materials so you will not easily detect it. Fire restoration services will assess the extent of the damages done to your home and determine if materials can be dried or need replacing.


Electrical damage is common after a fire as the flames will move through your walls and short out boxes, create live wires that become exposed, or melt wires. If wires become damaged behind your walls, they can spark and create a second fire. Fire restoration services will check there are no hidden wires under damaged materials that compromise your home a second time.


Particles from burned wood, coal, or other fuels are called soot. If your home has suffered damage from a fire, soot will be floating around and you may not even be aware it is there. You can wash the soot off counters, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, but you should have your hands, mouth, nose, and eyes protected while cleaning. Fire restoration services have the equipment and materials needed to perform these cleanings. Using these services will keep you safe and ensure the cleanup is done thoroughly.

Where to Find Fire Restoration Services in Austin, Texas

Austin and Fire & Flood will respond to your call for help immediately. We understand how devasting a fire is and that you need your home restored as affordably and quickly as possible. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable and have the experience needed to get your property restored as soon as possible to its pre-loss condition. Contact one of our specialists and learn how through the latest technology and following OSHA guidelines we can help you through this devasting time.