Disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fires often strike when least expected. Fires are one of the most common causes of property damage in America. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is an average of close to 360,000 house fire incidents every year.

A fire can have a devastating effect on your home and personal possessions in Austin, TX. National reports show that property worth almost $7 billion has gone up in flames in the last five years. Once the local fire department leaves, you are left to decide whether to let go or restore your property.

Dealing with the charred remains of your property in Austin, TX, can be overwhelming, especially after experiencing the trauma of watching it burn. Handling everything yourself is a very daunting task that could cause problems.

You need to call Austin Fire and Flood professionals to handle the restoration process. Our skilled and qualified restoration experts are ready to offer quality services in Austin, TX. Our well-trained fire damage restoration technicians are committed to getting your home or commercial property back to normal.

When Should You Call Damage Restoration Services?

Property owners in Texas often assume that restoration services only apply after a major disaster. Any damage caused by fire or water that seems insignificant could develop into a disaster in a short time. You should call the restoration experts even after a minor incident so they can assess and manage any property damage.

Here’s when you should call your local damage restoration company;

  1. After purchasing a new property to check any problems such as old carpeting.
  2. After a storm to assess any water damage.
  3. After a fire incident to clear fire and smoke damage.
  4. After noticing a problem on your floors or anywhere else on your property.

Austin Fire and Flood has a team of certified professionals who can identify and mitigate any property damage in your Austin home or commercial property.

What Questions Should You Ask a Fire Damage Restoration Company?

Finding the right fire damage restoration services in Austin, TX after an incident can be difficult. You have to find a credible company for your Austin, TX home quickly. You should, however, not rush into things and consider certain factors before hiring a local company.

Some of the questions you need to ask our fire damage restoration company in Austin include;

What Credentials Do You Have?

Any restoration company should have accreditation from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC) before taking over any construction. The certification shows the level of excellence that the damage restoration company has achieved.

Companies with such credentials are guaranteed to deliver quality work at your property. Feel free to ask about any additional certifications they have. You can ask how they obtained them and how they will benefit from your home project.

Also, find out whether they are licensed before allowing them to work on your home or commercial property. It will help you solve any legal issues that could arise from working with that company.

How Experienced Are They?

You should find out how long the restoration company has been in business. Ensure that the company has several years of experience before letting it handle your property. They should have expertise in all matters concerning fire damage restoration. Also, find out if the company has done any projects in recent times.

Is Their Company Insured?

Ensure that the damage restoration company has an insurance cover. The technicians should have general liability and a worker’s compensation insurance policy. The covers come in handy if any accidental structural damage occurs during construction. The insurance company will take full responsibility for any accidents that occur on-site.

Are The Technicians Available 24/7?

Choose a company that offers emergency services at any time of day. Disasters can happen at any moment in Texas, so your local damage restoration company needs to be on standby round the clock. Restoration services are required to respond to a disaster within a few hours. Ask about the availability and response time of the restoration services before hiring them.

Are Their Employees Credible?

Ensure that the restoration service employees are licensed and accredited by the IICRC. The certification shows that the technicians are well trained and qualified.

Do They Have Any Guarantees?

Ask about any guarantees before giving the job to the restoration services. Companies that deliver quality work should offer guarantees and warranties to customers. The restoration services in Austin should have a warranty for their tools.

Do They Work with Home Insurance Companies?

A professional restoration service team should work with your insurance company and handle all insurance claims. It spares you the headache of going back and forth with your insurance company after going through such a tragedy. Ask if the restoration company in Texas will comply with your insurance company and sort all the paperwork out.

How Long Will the Project Take?

There is a lot of work when repairing the damaged area of your Austin home. The technicians deal with structural damage, burn marks, smoke damage, and water damage in your home.

Ask about the steps taken and the fire restoration method used during the entire process before requesting any services. The information will give you a gist of what will be done and how long it will take for the project to end.

You can also visit the company’s online website and check out the reviews left behind by other clients. The reviews will enable you to judge their experience and quality of work.

Contact Fire Restoration Company Austin, TX

Austin Fire and Flood is an accredited and licensed fire and water restoration company in Texas. Our team members are IICRC certified professionals and offer 24-hour emergency restoration and cleaning services in your home or business in Austin, TX.

The company is locally owned, licensed, bonded, and insured. Besides fire and water damage restoration services, we offer smoke odor removal, carpet cleaning, biohazard removal, mold abatement, and hoarding services.

For more on fire restoration, contact Austin Fire and Flood today. You can also call 512-912-6814 or our website to compare quotes and get a free estimate today.