Every homeowner lives in fear of a serious accident or unexpected event taking place in their house and causing severe damage. Whether it is serious weather, such as a tropical storm causing flood damage or a fire breaking out in your kitchen, there are a thousand different ways that your home can be affected by an unfortunate event.

If those circumstances should arise, homeowners must contact an experienced team of Austin home remodeling contractors who can restore the house to its pre-loss condition while also upgrading it. Not only can a water and fire damage reconstruction professional get the job done quickly and effectively by removing excess water or extracting the acrid smell of smoke from your upholstery, but they can complete a custom rebuild for parts of your house.

At Austin Fire & Flood, our custom home building and remodeling contractors are available to all residents in the Austin area who have endured a fire, flood, or mold situation. We understand how challenging it can be to deal with these issues, and our goal is to help you get your house back – better than ever!

Water and Fire Damage Reconstruction Services for Your Home

If there is flooding in the basement, a leaking pipe in the bathroom, or a fire in the kitchen, those events can have serious repercussions on the structural integrity of your home, especially if left unchecked. To remedy the situation, homeowners should turn to the experts. Renovation services completed by a general contractor can restore your home and return to you the house you love.

Water damage restoration usually includes water extraction and mitigation, structural drying, deodorizing, and renovation. Fire damage restoration will also have these steps to mitigate the issues caused by the fire extinguishing and dealing with smoke and soot damage. In both instances, you may also need to be on the lookout for mold growth since there will be excess moisture in the house.

Turn Your Reconstruction into a Remodeling Project

When you are already dealing with severe damage to various rooms throughout your home that will need restoration, this is an opportunity to turn the unfortunate event into a chance to renovate. If you were not a part of the interior space planning of your house, the flood or fire might be allowing you to do some remodeling projects that you may otherwise never do.

A fire in the kitchen can easily turn into a kitchen remodeling project, and a leak in the bathroom sink lends itself to bathroom remodeling. You can take those future projects that you have wanted to get to and make them a reality with the help of experienced Austin remodeling contractors.

Why Hire Remodeling Contractors for Your Home Remodeling Projects

At Austin Fire & Flood, we understand that dealing with a disastrous event such as a fire or flood can be stressful. Our experienced team is here to help you through the trying time and see it as an opportunity for a home remodeling project.

There are many benefits to hiring the best remodeling contractors in Austin, TX. These advantages include:

  • Ample experience dealing with home renovation and remodeling projects as well as home construction
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment, top of the line materials, and an experienced team for your Austin, TX, home project
  • Peace of mind knowing your bedroom or master bath remodeling project will be completed on time and with quality work
  • Job site management is done by the renovation company without the hassles for the residential customers
  • Reasonable price (with free estimates) which includes labor costs and quality materials
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction on all completed projects
  • Supporting a locally owned business for home renovations and commercial construction in the Austin area
  • Access to a project manager for all of your remodeling needs and questions

With all of these exceptional benefits of hiring an experienced remodeling contractor in Austin, TX, the only thing left to do is to make the call to Austin Fire & Flood. Our experienced team is standing by for your call, and we cannot wait to help you with this renovation project and every project in the future.

Contact Our Austin, TX, Remodeling Contractor

At Austin Fire & Flood, our team is not only able to provide you with the mitigation services needed following a fire or flooding situation, but we are also willing and able to offer remodeling services to residential customers in Central Texas.

Once we have finished the water extraction and cleaning process, we can then begin on the renovation. You will already have discussed your ideas with an interior designer, and our team will be ready to create your vision. We are experienced in custom home building as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, so you can rest assured that your house is in great hands.

If you need to continue to live in the home while the remodeling project is in motion, we are happy to accommodate. We will implement dust barriers to prevent the debris from the work zone infiltrating your living areas, and we will close off the vents to prevent paint fumes from circulating as well.

Because we are a renovation company and a restoration business, our team is trained to know exactly what to look for when it comes to any secondary damage that may have occurred as a result of the fire or flood. Since you are already dealing with a restoration situation, it only makes sense to give your house a little makeover in the process.

If your home in the greater Austin area has sustained damage as a result of a fire, flood, or mold, contact our remodeling contractors in Austin at Austin Fire & Flood. We provide high quality work at a reasonable price, and we guarantee we will have the project completed in a timely manner. Call now to get a free estimate on any home renovation project!